Store and Organize Images

Let’s say you just downloaded a stock photo of a person playing a guitar in front of a bicycle.

You plan to use this image on a website ... or just keep it around, because it’s pretty neat.

Before Raster

  • It hangs out in your ~/Downloads folder for a couple days before many of you will move it to a Stock Photos folder
  • If you’re organized (like some of us), you may even have subfolders. Something like:
    • Stock Photos
      • People
      • Vehicles
      • Music
  • ... but what if the photo has all three?
    • You might copy the photo 3 times, wasting disk space and creating an organization nightmare.
    • Or you might just roll your chances and choose a folder.
    • You may create a new folder People, Music, Vehicles
    • ... and end up with just one photo in that folder, forever.

  • Regardless of your approach above, you can see why any of this is not ideal.

✅ With Raster

  • Upload it to Raster
  • Within seconds, Raster AI gauges your image and tags it with person, bicycle, and guitar.
  • Your photo is now safely and smartly stored in Raster, ready to use.