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What is Raster?

Raster is web-based enterprise-grade image management software. Much like Slack, Notion, and Figma, Raster is built with web technologies that you can download and run it on your Mac or Windows PC.

Whether you’re a freelance photographer, a web developer, or marketing team member, Raster lets you host your entire stock photo or team image library. It securely stores original files and runs on reliable cloud infrastructure powered by Amazon and Google.

What does Raster replace?
  • Hunting through Dropbox folders
  • Clunky, slow Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems
  • Downloading, cropping, and uploading images to social channels
Why was Raster created?

Raster is the result of many years of using clunky Digital Asset Management (DAM) software and seeing countless individ struggle to manage, organize, and host large image libraries on the web.

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