Use Cases

What can you do with Raster? Here are some cool ideas.

  • Use Raster to host & serve perfectly-sized and compressed images for your marketing emails.
  • Build a small static website and host images on Raster instead of keeping them in your GitHub repo.
  • Hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your company? Invite them to Raster as a guest editor, and you’ll never have to deal with sending, downloading and uploading huge ZIP files again.
  • Raster is perfect for storing one-off OG Images
  • Quickly and efficiently serve texture files for games and ThreeJS installations.
  • For Designers: Keep all your random screenshots of design inspiration neatly organized in Raster. Make and share moodboards with clients and coworkers.
  • Organize all your images in one place for a Webflow website
  • Build a static website without a CMS and still host your images on a CDN
  • Improve brand consistency and simplify rights management and asset approval
  • Improve asset management
    • Find assets faster
    • Find visually similar assets easily
    • Data hygiene/maintenance and encourage asset reuse
    • Organize assets using customized tags
    • Speed up asset management and tagging
  • Use Raster to host internal brand resources
    • SVG logos
    • PNG Logos in difference sizes
    • Etc.
🤖Store and Organize Images